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Funeral and cemetery accessories - Holy art - buy online

Buy best funerary products Made in Italy, now available online at unbeatable prices.
Every day we present new cemetery products with the best quality. In this shop you can find our precious bronze production with beautiful crosses and flowers vases, and also high-level photoceramics pictures unalterable over time. Marble is certainly the best noble material for funeral applications. The type of stone and insides of our vases and lamps in marble for tombstone are totally customizables.
We offer high quality funeral products characterized by the care of the finish and with attractive and elegant shapes like holy water fonts, funerary urns and decorative bronze ornaments. Special attention should be given to the photo frames, a decorative element that preserve the image of the loved one. Available in different standard sizes they are perfectly adaptable to the photo-ceramics. Great choice on lamps and electric candles for headstone or grave, easy to install on wall or ground can be customized with precious crystal lampshades or flames.
A pole of operators for memorial products and cemetery art where find all the experience of Italian producers.

Votive lamps

866 available items »

Lamps for candle

118 available items »


813 available items »

Flower pots

596 available items »


61 available items »

Orchid stands

11 available items »

Artificial flowers

68 available items »


222 available items »

Photo frames

251 available items »


74 available items »

Decorations for coffins

13 available items »

Decorative branches

90 available items »

Decorative ornaments

127 available items »

Decorative crystals

162 available items »

Holy water fonts

10 available items »

Funeral urns

11 available items »

Studs and flasks

131 available items »

Letters and numbers

51 available items »


4 available items »

Vase - lamp collections

39 available items »

Supplies for funeral homes

129 available items »

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